Wild DIET Fitness Plan on ABC

Don’t count calories. Ignore the nutrition facts. Read the ingredients instead and make sure they’re real food. Don’t buy the marketing hype, buy the ingredients.
You have to eat fat to burn fat. Eating high-quality fats like real grass-fed butter, and pasture-raised bacon, eggs, and steak will help you absorb fat-soluble nutrients from your meals, boost mental function, and drop fat while eating ridiculously good food.
Don’t eat packaged “diet food” that tastes like cardboard. Most diet food in bars, boxes, and shakes is junk food in disguise. Focus on food quality, not quantity and make every meal as delicious as possible.
Eat wild seafood, pastured animals and wild game. Meet Your Farmer and know where your food comes from. Aim for the highest quality plant and animal foods you can find and afford. Otherwise you’ll be eating fat, sick animals and produce slathered in pesticides – both of which can make you fat and sick.
Avoid Sugar & Grains, Especially in the Morning. Eat filling fats and proteins like bacon and eggs instead. Put real, whole fat like grass-fed butter, coconut, or whipping cream in your coffee instead of sugar.
Go ahead and skip a meal every once in a while if you’re not hungry. This temporary fasting can help you increase growth hormone and burn more fat. On The Wild Diet, this is known as “fasting and feasting.”
Don’t waste your time with bicep curls and ab workouts. Do full-body workouts like squats and sprints to burn more fat in less time. Focus on short bursts of intense activity like the Wild 7 Workout to burn more fat instead of slogging on the treadmill for hours. Break a sweat every day doing something you love.
When eating out, make it a feast. Order several dishes family style for everyone to try and share – eating a wide variety of foods is more filling and fun than eating a single entree.
Eat out of your fridge, not your pantry. Skip the processed packaged foods and eat fresh foods that were Recently Alive and Well.

Fat-Burning Man

Paleo Podcast, Fast Fat Loss, Free Paleo Recipes, and the Fat-Burning Man Show from Abel James

Winter Wildness


It’s easy to retreat to the duvet during winter in the city; and often quite sensible. But there is also a bionic edge to going for a run when it is snowing, or even inhospitably windy, dark and wet. I go in shorts, singlet and sometimes bare foot (not advisable on hard ground though…). For the first 10 minutes it hurts like nibbling goblin teeth, then your blood gets hot and you feel super human to be toasty whilst being near- naked in a storm. Watching snowflakes melt on your skin has something of the terminator 2 about it. You have to keep running pretty fast and once you are back you have about 5 minutes to warm down before you have to get inside. But the heat stays in your bones more than any warm coat or bath gives you. And people see a glint in your eye that a ‘yoga in my warm bedroom’ wouldn’t give you. Send us poetic accounts of storm runs please, it will help the tribal wild sap flow as the winter creeps.
8 comments to Winter Wildness
November 27th, 2015 at 8:18 am · Reply
Thanks for this post. I’ve never gone T2 extreme, but there is definitely something primal about it (even though T2 was a cyborg!!)

Personally, I enjoy hiking and trail running in the woods in the dark. You get huge amounts of wolf-pack hunting style adrenaline and almost superhuman endurance. Although, I’ve only done this in the summer and fall with layers on. If I were to try it during the winter, it would be wise to limit the risk by having an escape plan. The last thing you would need is a twisted ankle a mile or so from human contact while being in a hypothermic condition.

Lewis Orr
November 27th, 2015 at 9:41 am · Reply
I am a big fan of wildfitness and certainly need my yearly fix but now you are really touching my favourite subject. Running in the cold. Maybe it is my Scottish upbringing.

On a freezing cold morning at home (now in Herefordshire) I emerge in shorts and long sleeve top and race into the woods. The adrenaline from the cold is already pretty satisfying but add to this the knowledge that you will probably be the only human out, the fantastic ‘burning’ feeling you get on returning indoors and the smugness of having got your exercise fix before the world even got up.

I recently read a book called water log in which a guy explores all the open water swimming around the UK. He talks about the euphoric chemicals released when humans are subjected to extreme cold (in his case from jumping in an icy loch). It sharpens the nervous system and gets everything working (because it has to!).

Get out there!

PS I am really enjoying reading the blog entries. Keep it up

December 2nd, 2015 at 4:09 pm · Reply
Thanks for wild ideas guys, love them

December 3rd, 2015 at 11:17 am · Reply
Hi Tara,

Thanks for the inspiring words. How’s Watamu, probably not a wintery as London? Anyway, I was out jogging the other night, following your advice. Even tried a few press-ups in the frozen grass. My conclusion: give me the sunshine anytime! See you next year when I come out for my wildfitness recharge…

Best regards,


John Sifferman
December 3rd, 2015 at 6:34 pm · Reply
I have spent many a night and storm running, but only started going barefoot this year. Snow is in our weather forecast for later this week, we’ll see how long I last :)

December 8th, 2015 at 3:25 pm · Reply
I would like to add a post script to my post: 8th December now, and I am wearing shoes! (I’m in London town). John, let us know how you do with barefeet if it snows! Daniel – running in the rain in Watamu is a different experience I agree – look forward to seeing you there!

John Sifferman
December 11th, 2015 at 5:41 pm · Reply
Hi Tara,

My first barefoot run on the snow went great. I took it easy, one mile and not in deep snow. I posted a video about it on my site if you’re interested.

John Sifferman
December 11th, 2015 at 5:42 pm · Reply
oops, typed my domain in wrong, – this one’s right. Cheers!


What is a Wild Goal?

Redefining fitness

Why do you want to be fit? What’s your motivation? What does “fitness” really mean anyway? Each person that joins a Wildfitness course will have their own aspirations and ideas about fitness. Maybe they want to be more energised or to get bigger muscles, to drop a dress size or to train

Wild Moving: Lactic Lift OFF!
Run like the wind!
Run like the wind!
Wild Ones who’ve been on our holidays will certainly remember their first Lactic Lift Off experience. It’s the ultimate intense workout and a great Wild exercise that can be done in any outdoor space. This exercise increases the lactic acid in our blood, telling our body to produce Human Growth Hormone (HGH), which….gets you lean….and….builds muscle! It only takes 15-20mins of your time leaving you more time for making love and sitting under trees…
Here’s how…

Step 1: Go to your local park and find a track, or any circular distance you can measure (you could use a group of trees for instance).

Step 2: As fast as you can, SPRINT around the track for 3 minutes straight, remembering the distance you have travelled (e.g. 4 laps).

Step 3: Rest 3 minutes.

Step 4: Divide your time in half (1 ½ minutes) and your distance (e.g. 2 laps)

Step 5: Begin the SPRINT again!

Step 6: Rest 1 ½ minutes, then repeat again until you can no longer make the distance in the time (should be 3-5 times in total if you really pushed yourself on the first run).

Done properly you will be amazed at how much you can challenge your body in only 15-20mins. Doing intense sessions 2-3 times a week will keep you help keep you lean.

I like your version of interval training but I’m not following it. For example, I don’t get hat the “divide your time in half” is about. I follow steps 1-3. Step 6 baffles me.

Can you give an example?

Philippe Til
October 7th, 2015 at 11:06 pm · Reply
I remember this from training last year. That’ll smoke you!

Laura at Wildfitness
October 8th, 2015 at 1:23 pm · Reply
Hi Sol – sorry that we confused you!
Let’s try again from step 4…

Step 4: Divide the distance you ran in half. e.g. if you ran 4 laps, you now need to run 2, or if you ran 1300m, you now need to run 650m. Divide the time in half too – so you now have 1 1/2 min (90secs) to complete your run.
Step 5: Sprint to complete your distance (e.g. 2 laps) within 90 seconds. You should easily be able to make the distance.
Step 6: Rest for 90 secs. Then run the distance (e.g. 2 laps) within 90secs again. Then rest for 90secs. Then run the distance again in 90secs. Then rest again for 90secs. And so on… until the point at which you cannot run the distance anymore within 90secs (because there’s too much lactic acid in your muscles and you’re exhausted!).

If you really pushed yourself on the initial 3 min run then you should only be able to do about 3-4 of the 90sec runs. If you didn’t push yourself, you will find that you can easily make your marker in the 90sec runs and may need to do 5-8 runs before you can’t reach your marker anymore.

Hope that helps! Otherwise give us a call and we’ll explain!

Sol Lederman
October 10th, 2015 at 1:33 am · Reply

Yes, I get it now. Thanks for the clarification. This sounds like a nice change from Tabata and such. It’s been a while since I’ve done interval training so I’ll warm up to this workout slowly. Thanks for sharing it!

October 12th, 2015 at 5:51 pm · Reply
Sol….Lactic is a killer workout but keep it up with Tabata. If you are looking for other ideas with Tabata etc. go explore Crossfit http://www.crossfit.com , Hope to see you next summer! cheers – Drew

June 15th, 2015 at 10:56 am · Reply

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July 1st, 2015 at 3:38 pm · Reply

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September 10th, 2015 at 12:51 pm · Reply

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Words and hearts ought to be handled with care… for words when spoken and hearts when broken would be the hardest things to repair. …

Wild Diet Plan


My friend, Abel James, the Fat Burning Man, has been off the grid working on his new book, The Wild Diet.
I have been listening to his podcast “Fat Burning Man” for years and was very excited to get his book. It is filled with tons of useful information and written in a way that is interesting and captivating without just being a “cook book.” I have recommended his diet to everyone I know looking to get healthy and stay that way without having to sacrifice food. I honestly can say that I feel much more satisfied with this type of eating/training and intermittent fasting than I ever have before. Great work Abel, thank you!
A leading edge way to approach how to eat to live, while enjoying food to the max, all the while achieving optimum health. I heartily recommend this to anyone who knows the U.S. farm factory system is killing us, and are looking for a way to eat well and feel physically great while enjoying delicious food without breaking the bank.

Movement- how to love it.

Movement- how to love it.
Loving Movement

Ido handstand I am feeling emotional at the moment. Emotional in the sense that I am close to tears or throwing a tantrum throughout the day. And my body hurts all over. Why? Because I have signed up for a three month training programme with Ido Portal (www.idoportal.com). Ido does inspiring feats of movement; from one arm handstands to flowing capoeira-like performances.
The routine he has given me involves between 1- 3 hours strength training per day, and I am truly fatigued. I also feel cravings for red meat most days – disconcerting for someone who eats meat once every two weeks normally. But here is the bit that only the initiated understand. I love it. I love feeling tired to my bones. I love the ache all over. I love feeling my body respond and I even love the pain during the actual training itself.

Female climber clinging to a cliff.
The strange thing is that the fundamentals of the Ido training, aren’t exactly fun: it’s repetitive, prescriptive, solo. It is the antithesis of play, expression and exploration – all that Wildfitness specializes in. It has made me realize that I am truly, madly, deeply in love with movement. I love it even with the cruel gruel which is Ido’s USP.

Maybe some of you know what I mean? If you do understand this then you don’t need motivation or reason to train, your body craves it. But if you are reading this and thinking: ‘Are you are of your mind- It hurts and it’s boring’. Carry on and read as here are the steps to become movement possessed:

  1. Make movement relevant.Rockcarrying

It is well known that movement is the best possible way to live longer, be disease free, and feel and look your best. However, moving because you are afraid of disease or fat, is a motivation that doesn’t work. So my first suggestion is to find a reason to move that is really exciting for you. Tap into something that is a natural or immediate urge.

The evolve need: Becoming more skillful and masterful is a great passion in me and the opportunities to develop through movement are deep and wide. From getting faster at running or learning to do a handstand, to the more mental and philosophical learnings of martial arts and free diving.

9258885823_ef78def7b2_b The nature need: Seeing the horizon, feeling the wind in my hair, being underwater, seeing green; all give me restoration and calm. Moving outside gives me a particularly intimate encounter with nature. The recombobulate need: Movement is a powerful mood changer. If I am stressed or angry, intense movement helps. If I am tired or confused or needing inspiration, gentle movement helps.

The self-expression need: I love to dance. Not because it is good for my health, but because it expresses a part of me that otherwise doesn’t see the light. There are so many other needs that movement can meet. The need for play and fun, the need for connection to other people, the need to explore, the need to experience beauty, the need to challenge yourself, the need for recognition (do something amazing), the need for contribution (do something useful and physical).treeclimber

  1. Practice pleasure.

There is a difference between pain and suffering. Pain can be enjoyed. But suffering is miserable and kills any chance of a love affair with movement, let alone the effects being miserable has on your physiology. The more you discipline yourself to do movement you enjoy and do it when you are up for it, the more pain you can take and still love it!

street-dancing3. Natural movement.

To complete the positive feedback loop you also want the movement you choose to synchronize with your body. And there is no better guide than nature. What movements and quality of movements are natural to the body?

a) Some variety (different intensities and different body movements will bring strength to different parts of your physiology and psychology and biomechanics.

b) Choose a movement / sport that makes sense evolutionarily. Running, swimming, jumping, lifting, climbing and wielding your body weight in all ways. Something that our body understands. This both animates your body with an immediate natural purpose but also natural movement is the best way to be bullet proof to injury and in many cases, heal injury.

c) Have the intention for your movement to be skillful – graceful and efficient, like any animal would move. This is not only a great feeling but it is the way your body is naturally inclined. Use all your powers of delayed gratification to get through the first phase where movement may be painful. It is worth it! It is the most natural thing your body will do and it will soon love it. You will be amazed and delighted at what your body can do.dancing

Goal-setting tips from local experts: Fitness

Goal-setting :
Frampton says: "Working out for 30-45 minutes 3-4 different times per week has shown to decrease body fat and increase the body&;s metabolism, resulting in a healthier, happier you!" Your goal: Find an activity you like and do it for 30-45 minutes, 3-4 …
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The 15 Best Gyms and Workouts in South Florida
CrossFit is not just a workout; it&39;s a cult. Kidding! But because it achieves great results while also bringing people together in hour-long group workouts, some people get addicted. This challenging fitness routine was started in 2000 and has since …
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Before and After: Before and After: These People Lost a Ton of Weight on

and : Before and After: a Ton of on
Travel helps us with that, and nothing more so than traveling to a spa or resort to make over our bodies and our minds. These … “This isn&;t just about dieting or weight loss,” said Francine Roberts, one of the travelers who changed her life. “This is …
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Kick-start an active new year with a wellness spa vacation in California or Baja
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Fitness Resolutions

"Absolutely, says David Smith who owns the Elite Athletic Club and Wiregrass Crossfit." Well there&;s 4 major components that … "The second part is your aerobic training. So you gotta make sure you get your heart rate up and force the body to burn …
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Sports notes
2016 Latte Games 8 a.m. Jan. 16 and 17 at Crossfit Latte Stone in Harmon. Registration fee $ 25 per person until Jan. …. Pay-Less Kick the Fat Run/Walk and Community Fair March 19. Early entry fees are available through Jan. 31: $ 10 per person (5K …
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My wife is worried about my "health"
She often replaces “fat” with “healthy” because she thinks it sounds better, but I know what she is saying. Believe me, we … It doesn&39;t help that my good friend Dylan Cahwee is a CrossFit trainer and constantly asking about my “progress.” He is …
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weight loss spa

weight loss spa

If you are considering going to a weight loss spa for weight loss, you need to be aware of the pros and cons of attending such a place and what that can do for your psychological makeup. There are a lot of variables involved in going to a place like that which can affect your overall sense of self and can turn your mind against you. You never know what you will end up believing about weight loss  if you intend to attend a fat farm for weight loss. Be careful as to monitor yourself very carefully and to take the positives out of the program while paying mind to what bothers you. Each program can be different, so ensure that you are taking something that works with your situation.

Before you attend any facility to check out your weight loss options, you need to be sure that the fat farm for weight loss spa you intend to attend has the right credentials. Do not pick up on a place that lacks the proper health codes or the proper credentials as they will be running as profit mills with no interest in making you healthier. Instead, get a business report on the place and check out the place from all angles so that you can be assured you are in the right spot. Many people give the benefit of the doubt to places charged with their care, but this can lead to problems down the road and an unrealistic point of view supported by feeling and not evidence.

The first step an overweight person needs to take is to see a doctor for a complete check-up. This will give them a good idea of how much weight they need to lose, diet plans and fitness programs that they should look into. If a person is morbidly obese then running 5 miles out of the gate is not going to be an option.

Each and every health and fitness plan will be comprised of a variety of concerns and benefits. The concerns draw mainly upon the warning of balancing your diet and exercise properly, without overdoing it. The benefits, as long as the fitness program is maintained in a healthy way, will involve controlling your weight, improving the performance of all of your bodily organs, increasing strength and endurance, strengthening your respiratory system, boosting your immune system, and improving your general mental and emotional well-being.

If you have never been to boot camp (the author has been) the true meaning of the term may be obscure to you. One of the functions of a boot camp is to “reprogram the mental attitude of the guest” or enlisted person if you are in the navy. The better fat farms thus are noted for focusing on preventing the accumulation of fat in the future. Food addiction is like other addictions. The control of addiction can begin with the “twelve steps” as in AA discipline. Thus while the person is being taught about exercising and food choices and water retention and practicing these instruction every moment of attendance, the addictive part of the problem is emphasized.

I believe that it can be said that attending a Fatfarm is not, ordinarily, a pleasant experience. I believe it can be said that dieting and exercising and losing weight , though good for looks and health, is seldom thought to be a pleasant experience. The rapid weight loss goal of fat farms is, no doubt, a tad less pleasant.