Wild Diet Plan


My friend, Abel James, the Fat Burning Man, has been off the grid working on his new book, The Wild Diet.
I have been listening to his podcast “Fat Burning Man” for years and was very excited to get his book. It is filled with tons of useful information and written in a way that is interesting and captivating without just being a “cook book.” I have recommended his diet to everyone I know looking to get healthy and stay that way without having to sacrifice food. I honestly can say that I feel much more satisfied with this type of eating/training and intermittent fasting than I ever have before. Great work Abel, thank you!
A leading edge way to approach how to eat to live, while enjoying food to the max, all the while achieving optimum health. I heartily recommend this to anyone who knows the U.S. farm factory system is killing us, and are looking for a way to eat well and feel physically great while enjoying delicious food without breaking the bank.

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