Movement- how to love it.

Movement- how to love it.
Loving Movement

Ido handstand I am feeling emotional at the moment. Emotional in the sense that I am close to tears or throwing a tantrum throughout the day. And my body hurts all over. Why? Because I have signed up for a three month training programme with Ido Portal ( Ido does inspiring feats of movement; from one arm handstands to flowing capoeira-like performances.
The routine he has given me involves between 1- 3 hours strength training per day, and I am truly fatigued. I also feel cravings for red meat most days – disconcerting for someone who eats meat once every two weeks normally. But here is the bit that only the initiated understand. I love it. I love feeling tired to my bones. I love the ache all over. I love feeling my body respond and I even love the pain during the actual training itself.

Female climber clinging to a cliff.
The strange thing is that the fundamentals of the Ido training, aren’t exactly fun: it’s repetitive, prescriptive, solo. It is the antithesis of play, expression and exploration – all that Wildfitness specializes in. It has made me realize that I am truly, madly, deeply in love with movement. I love it even with the cruel gruel which is Ido’s USP.

Maybe some of you know what I mean? If you do understand this then you don’t need motivation or reason to train, your body craves it. But if you are reading this and thinking: ‘Are you are of your mind- It hurts and it’s boring’. Carry on and read as here are the steps to become movement possessed:

  1. Make movement relevant.Rockcarrying

It is well known that movement is the best possible way to live longer, be disease free, and feel and look your best. However, moving because you are afraid of disease or fat, is a motivation that doesn’t work. So my first suggestion is to find a reason to move that is really exciting for you. Tap into something that is a natural or immediate urge.

The evolve need: Becoming more skillful and masterful is a great passion in me and the opportunities to develop through movement are deep and wide. From getting faster at running or learning to do a handstand, to the more mental and philosophical learnings of martial arts and free diving.

9258885823_ef78def7b2_b The nature need: Seeing the horizon, feeling the wind in my hair, being underwater, seeing green; all give me restoration and calm. Moving outside gives me a particularly intimate encounter with nature. The recombobulate need: Movement is a powerful mood changer. If I am stressed or angry, intense movement helps. If I am tired or confused or needing inspiration, gentle movement helps.

The self-expression need: I love to dance. Not because it is good for my health, but because it expresses a part of me that otherwise doesn’t see the light. There are so many other needs that movement can meet. The need for play and fun, the need for connection to other people, the need to explore, the need to experience beauty, the need to challenge yourself, the need for recognition (do something amazing), the need for contribution (do something useful and physical).treeclimber

  1. Practice pleasure.

There is a difference between pain and suffering. Pain can be enjoyed. But suffering is miserable and kills any chance of a love affair with movement, let alone the effects being miserable has on your physiology. The more you discipline yourself to do movement you enjoy and do it when you are up for it, the more pain you can take and still love it!

street-dancing3. Natural movement.

To complete the positive feedback loop you also want the movement you choose to synchronize with your body. And there is no better guide than nature. What movements and quality of movements are natural to the body?

a) Some variety (different intensities and different body movements will bring strength to different parts of your physiology and psychology and biomechanics.

b) Choose a movement / sport that makes sense evolutionarily. Running, swimming, jumping, lifting, climbing and wielding your body weight in all ways. Something that our body understands. This both animates your body with an immediate natural purpose but also natural movement is the best way to be bullet proof to injury and in many cases, heal injury.

c) Have the intention for your movement to be skillful – graceful and efficient, like any animal would move. This is not only a great feeling but it is the way your body is naturally inclined. Use all your powers of delayed gratification to get through the first phase where movement may be painful. It is worth it! It is the most natural thing your body will do and it will soon love it. You will be amazed and delighted at what your body can do.dancing

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