Wild DIET Fitness Plan on ABC

Don’t count calories. Ignore the nutrition facts. Read the ingredients instead and make sure they’re real food. Don’t buy the marketing hype, buy the ingredients.
You have to eat fat to burn fat. Eating high-quality fats like real grass-fed butter, and pasture-raised bacon, eggs, and steak will help you absorb fat-soluble nutrients from your meals, boost mental function, and drop fat while eating ridiculously good food.
Don’t eat packaged “diet food” that tastes like cardboard. Most diet food in bars, boxes, and shakes is junk food in disguise. Focus on food quality, not quantity and make every meal as delicious as possible.
Eat wild seafood, pastured animals and wild game. Meet Your Farmer and know where your food comes from. Aim for the highest quality plant and animal foods you can find and afford. Otherwise you’ll be eating fat, sick animals and produce slathered in pesticides – both of which can make you fat and sick.
Avoid Sugar & Grains, Especially in the Morning. Eat filling fats and proteins like bacon and eggs instead. Put real, whole fat like grass-fed butter, coconut, or whipping cream in your coffee instead of sugar.
Go ahead and skip a meal every once in a while if you’re not hungry. This temporary fasting can help you increase growth hormone and burn more fat. On The Wild Diet, this is known as “fasting and feasting.”
Don’t waste your time with bicep curls and ab workouts. Do full-body workouts like squats and sprints to burn more fat in less time. Focus on short bursts of intense activity like the Wild 7 Workout to burn more fat instead of slogging on the treadmill for hours. Break a sweat every day doing something you love.
When eating out, make it a feast. Order several dishes family style for everyone to try and share – eating a wide variety of foods is more filling and fun than eating a single entree.
Eat out of your fridge, not your pantry. Skip the processed packaged foods and eat fresh foods that were Recently Alive and Well.

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